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Here’s what others are saying about Dr. Barlow and Benfield Orthodontics:

"Dr. Barlow, Dr Benfield and their staff are amazing! My son was very nervous about getting his braces. He was offered a weighted blanket, a fidget toy, lots of encouragement, the staff patiently answered his never ending questions, let him hold a mirror so that he could see everything. Sheena was so kind and compassionate. We cannot recommend this office enough.

Thank you!"

-Dawn C.

"Dr. Barlow and his hardworking staff were always a pleasant crowd to visit. I went through 4 years of braces, rubber bands, and alignment chains. Through it all, they were careful and considerate with their work, and the atmosphere is bright and welcoming. 5/5 stars for this wonderful business and welcoming family."

-Ethan G.

"Dr. Barlow and the staff are AMAZING!!! Could not be happier with the care my children received and the results!"

-Anthony B.

"If you aren’t using Dr. Barlow and staff, CHANGE NOW. Each staff member is always smiling, kind, and caring. The transformation for my children is amazing and we’re only 3 months in. I couldn’t imagine having anyone else take of of my children’s orthodontics."

-Nick C.

"Dr. Barlow and his staff are amazing!!!  They always made me feel welcome and special and I really appreciate all that they do for their patients. I finished my Invisalign treatment yesterday and I am so pleased with the results.  Both of my kids also had braces with Dr. Barlow and their smiles are beautiful!!!  Thank you so much!!  I highly recommend this office for both adults and kids. "

-Juli S.

"I highly recommend Barlow Ortho to anyone of any age needing orthodontic services. This is my 2nd go-round (kids, WEAR YOUR RETAINERS!!

-Jada P.